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When I discover a new MMO blog, I always quite like it if the author has a page not just about themselves, but also about their characters. It can be quite insightful: do they play a lot of different alts or do they recreate the same character in every game? Do they focus on a particular role or aspect of the game (e.g. lots of tanks, multiples of the same class) or are they a jack-of-all-trades?

I've been meaning to make a page like that for this blog for a while but always put it off before. At last, here it is! I don't currently roleplay any of my characters or have extensive backstories for any of them, however with the way questing in The Old Republic works, it's hard not to feel that they develop personalities of a sort after a while, which is why I gave them all brief in-character descriptions as well.

For the Republic!

I started on Republic side because that's where my friends at the time were playing, but even after most of the original crew stopped logging in, the Republic remained my home. While the Empire tells some interesting stories, I can't really think of it as a comfortable home, considering how "evil" it is in many respects. PvPing a lot has also strengthened my faction pride, causing me to automatically associate familiar names on Empire side with hostility.

Shíntar, Commando

In Character (IC): Shintar is a loyal soldier of the Republic and considers herself a defender of the people above all else. Outside of her work she can seem unapproachable sometimes, but after giving so much of herself during her day job, she prefers a bit of solitude and privacy when she can get it. (light side)

Out of Character (OOC): Shintar was the first character I created when the game launched and has remained my main ever since. I just loved the idea of the trooper class ever since I saw the "Hope" trailer. I specced into the Combat Medic tree as soon as she got her first talent point and have never tried anything else as I simply love healing. As my undisputed main, Shintar is the character I take to all the operations and into whom I invest the most work in PvP.

Golu, Sage

IC: Her hulking physique makes her look pretty intimidating, but actually Golu is pretty much the perfect Jedi: always serene and not easily fazed by anything - possibly because she takes all her negative emotions out on her opponents during Huttball. (light side)

OOC: Golu was my first Republic alt, and like Shintar she was a healer from the start and has never been anything else. While Jedi consulars don't have the most exciting of class stories, it did resonate with me on a personal level, and the Sage's healing style reminded me a lot of WoW's priest (which is what I played before coming to SWTOR), so playing her has always felt very natural. She's my "main alt", meaning that I try to keep her geared enough that she can fill the occasional healer vacancy in another ops group, and she also gets a lot of PvP time.

Fali, Guardian

IC: As Golu's younger sister, Fali inherited the same strength in the force, but prefers to use her powers in a more hands-on way. Unlike her sister, she finds it hard to always keep her calm and is more prone to occasionally letting her emotions run away with her. She always means well though. (light side)

OOC: I love everything about Fali's character and story, but unfortunately I suck at playing melee dps. Before Rise of the Hutt Cartel, I would occasionally PvP on her or take her to a retro ops run, but I found my consistent underperformance too frustrating to dedicate any more time to working on her in the long run. Nowadays Fali spends most of her time in my Tatooine stronghold gathering crafting materials.

Talara, Gunslinger

IC: Talara's work may not always be legal, but she's a good person at heart who doesn't want anyone to get hurt and believes in the ideals of the Republic. (light side)

OOC: Since I was so bad at playing melee but still wanted a dps character, I tried to gear up my gunslinger as my go-to character for occasional alt operations instead. I did better than as melee, but still not great, and I just don't find doing dps nearly as engaging as healing, so she doesn't see a lot of play time either.

Racelle, Scoundrel

IC: Racelle is an opportunist who always looks out for herself above anyone else. She doesn't get any particular joy out of getting other people in trouble (or well, maybe a little) - but better them than her! (moderately dark side)

OOC: Originally created for the purpose of doing lowbie PvP as dps, Racelle ended up being conscripted into being the levelling partner for my pet tank's gunslinger and quickly hit max level. Seeing how powerful Scoundrels were in PvP, I continued to focus my efforts in that area. Up until Shadow of Revan, she sported a hybrid spec most of the time, because it was fun to play a healer who could also pack a bit of a punch if needed. After the discipline system eliminated hybrid specs, she became a healer full time.

Cheesha, Shadow

IC: Cheesha is an eternal optimist and believer in the power of the light side to the point of naiveté, which means that while she always has the best of intentions, things don't always end well for the people involved. (light side)

OOC: Cheesha was created because I wanted a Cathar, and she became a Shadow because at the time, this was the only advanced class I had never played on Republic or Empire side. The idea of a cat skulking in the shadows just seemed to make sense. She quickly became part of yet another levelling duo with my pet tank and was therefore specced to tank (while he healed). I often think that I'd like to play her more, but as our duos have become too numerous and spread out over time, I don't get to play her very often. (She still hasn't finished her class story at 55.)

For the Empire!

Due to my loyalties lying with the Republic as explained above, the vast majority of my time in game is spent on Republic side. All of my Empire characters mostly only exist because I wanted to see their class stories.

Sigex, Sorcerer

IC: Somewhat unusual for a Sith, Sigex is a kind soul at heart. She understands what being a Sith is all about, but as a former slave she'd rather use her power to pursue freedom and happiness for herself than use it to terrorise other people. (light side)

OOC: Only created in spring 2013, Sigex was far from my first Imperial character, however I came to consider her my Imperial main after my pet tank and I levelled our duo of inquisitors to max level in what felt like record time and completed pretty much all the quests on Imperial side together, with the exception of some ops missions. Like her Republic mirror Golu, she's been a healer from day one - because it's fun.

Hekka, Powertech

IC: Hekka is very easy-going for a bounty hunter. Getting the job done is obviously important, but there's no need to be cruel or more violent than necessary. (light side)

OOC: Hekka was pretty much created as an experiment in tanking. It was quite fun, but like most of my Imperial alts she doesn't see much play time now.

Corinthe, Operative

IC: Corinthe is a fervent believer in the Empire and all that it stands for, though the way certain Sith regularly abuse their power has made her very weary. The knowledge that what's best for the citizens of the Empire may not always be best for the Empire as an institution weighs heavily on her with every decision that she has to make, but she tries to serve to the best of her ability and has faith in her own judgement. (moderately light side)

OOC: Corinthe was the very first alt I created in the game, and was a character that I mostly played on my own for most of her levelling. (To this day, she probably has the lowest social rank of all of my max-level characters.) While I love the agent story and the healing Operative play style, the lack of regular engagement with other players means that I don't find reason to log on to her very often. I used to PvP with her for a while, but Republic faction pride kept pulling me back to the other side.

Arrah, Marauder

IC: As a pureblooded Sith, Arrah is proud of her heritage and everything that it stands for. It sometimes confuses her how it's not obvious to non-Sith just how inferior they are and that they should just accept their proper place in the world. While this makes her unpleasant company to be around for many people, she does adhere to a personal code of honour and unlike many of her peers, she doesn't delight in casual cruelty that serves no purpose. (moderately dark side)

OOC: Arrah was levelled with my now ex-boyfriend and mostly drove home the point that I'm terrible at melee dps. While I loved the Sith warrior story, the sea of angry red faces on her action bars doesn't make her very fun to play for me these days.

Dormaba, Sorcerer

IC: Dormaba is a survivor with a chip on her shoulder about her former status as a slave, who enjoys lording her new status as a Sith over those who would have looked down on her previously. She has sympathy for others in unfortunate situations, but if you get on her bad side, she won't be shy about letting you know it. (neutral)

OCC: Dormaba was part of an early set of Imperial alts I made and whose levelling stalled because I just couldn't get into their story. When I levelled Sigex, another Sorcerer, right past her, her existence felt increasingly pointless, but at the same I felt too attached to her to delete her. I used the 12x XP event leading up to Shadow of Revan to level her to the then-cap of 55 and to at least finish her class story. This also provided me with an opportunity to try out Sorcerer dps (so much lightning).

T'ir, Powertech

IC: T'ir takes a lot of pride in her physical prowess and in how it allows her to get every job done, no matter how difficult it is. She's not cruel, but can be quite ruthless when it comes to hunting down her targets or when people annoy her. (neutral)

OOC: Like Dormaba, T'ir was an early alt that never really went anywhere and effectively got replaced when I levelled another character of the same advanced class right past her. Like Dormaba, I decided to level her to the cap during 12x XP and chose a dps spec for her to distinguish her from my other Powertech.

In addition to all of the level 55-60 characters listed above, I have a bunch of lowbies that I'm still levelling. The reason I'm not listing them separately is not that I think that the game starts at endgame (which I don't), but rather that I feel that both their characters and their role in my "play schedule" are still too undefined to write about in much detail.

Last updated: April 2015.


  1. Fascinating. (To borrow a phrase.)

    And I see you added a G+ for your YouTube videos!

    1. Yes, I got tired of YouTube pestering me about it. I gave in before and deleted the page right away, but the system noticed and went back to bugging me about it, so here we are. :P

  2. What body type do you ised for the trooper?

  3. I like how you prefer the Republic over the Empire. I mean, you don't see people doing that very often - most people would go for the Empire instead of the Republic (as far as I've seen). Always good to meet a fellow republican! :) Also, your characters are really awesome.

    1. Thanks for stopping by! Yeah, I never really got the hype around Empire side at launch - I do think it has evened out somewhat since then, but you're right that it still feels like the people that are more active in the community prefer the Empire just a bit more. I suspect being evil makes people feel edgy. :)